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At Kev's, we have a pretty simple philosophy, keep it small, keep it simple and make friends while you do business.

Over the last 20 years, Kevin has honed his craft as a fabricator, car and motorcycle builder, customizer and top notch painter. His work has been in magazines and is recognized by veteran's and professionals all over the world as to his caliber of quality, detail  and originality.

On our site, you'll find all sorts of things from mild to wild that have come out our door. Take a look around, learn about the art of customizing and give Kev a call nearly any time at 712 246 1382 to talk about what you have in mind.

Most of all, thanks for visiting and make sure to send your buddies. We love to show our work!

Kev and Cheryl
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First off... PLEASE go like our facebook page! Click here! We load new photos and updates daily on it and it's the best and most effective way to keep in touch with Kev and what's going on at the old garage. Click any of the photo links below to start poking around.
We're not just about wild, over the top, ground up projects here!
 At Kev's we are more than happy to help you with whatever you may need... including.

Small OEM repairs.
Pinstriping and Signage
Renderings and visualization work.
Spot paint work.
and tons more..... NEVER worry about emailing Kev or calling to ask. We like it!

In the meantime, use the links above or scroll down and click away on our current and past projects. We're pretty sure you will see something that you'll like.

All sorts of stuff around here!
Stop in and look around. It's always fun and you never know what ideas you'll come up with either! We're around from 8 until 5 Monday through Friday and closed during lunch.

See you soon, we hope!

Kev and Cheryl
Kev's Custom Paint

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